Empty Leg Flights

Deals on Empty Legs in Atlanta, Augusta, Savannah, and more

Enjoy amazing deals on empty leg flights in Atlanta and throughout the state of Georgia! Save up to 50 percent or more compared to standard charter rates you rent transient aircraft, while traveling in most efficient, comfortable, and luxurious way available.

The state of Georgia is home to thriving executive and general aviation communities, and plenty of empty legs. Atlanta, the financial center of the South, offers an array of private jet airports, and the most charter options in Georgia. Empty leg specials can also be found in cities like Augusta, Savannah, Hilton Head (SC), or the Golden Isles (St Simons, Sea Island, Jekyll Island).

What makes an Empty Leg Flight?

Empty legs are created whenever a plane is scheduled to fly without carrying any passengers. In most cases, they are created when a one-way flight is booked without using point-to-point pricing. The client is charged for the return leg, and the operator can market the empty leg flight.

In private aviation, whenever a plane takes-off without passengers on board, owners and operators are losing out on potential revenue. Since the plane is scheduled to fly anyway, the empty flight, also known as a “deadhead”, is marketed and sold at a large discount.

For example: a one-way flight is booked from New York City to Atlanta, with the return leg included in the cost. After departing from dropping off passengers at Dekalb-Peachtree Airport, the plane is now scheduled to return to Teterboro Airport. This creates an empty leg flight from Atlanta to New York. Clients can then book a trip on this plane to NY, DC, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, or anywhere in between.

Finding an empty leg that matches your route can save private jet travelers up to 50 percent (or more) on the cost of their charter flights.

Find an Empty Leg in Atlanta, Georgia

Empty legs have grown in demand as savvy private jet travelers have begun asking for them by name. You can try searching for one, but the increase in demand means availability is limited. If you call an operator, they can only offer transient planes within their fleet. Some companies even market non-existent trips just to draw you in.

How do you find one of these exclusive, time-sensitive travel deals in Atlanta, Savannah, St. Simons Island and more?

Call or request a quote from one of our brokers! We can view the schedules for every charter plane on the market, finding you a peach of a deal no matter where you’re flying to or from.

We’ll compare empty leg costs from all the transient planes in the Southeast to offer the best deal every time you fly. Whether you’re looking for a one-way flight up or down the Atlantic coast, a long range jet heading west to LA or Vegas or south to the Caribbean, or a quick trip to Nashville, Louisville, Tampa, New Orleans, and other popular destinations in the American South, let us find an empty plane and lower the cost of your air travel!

Let us connect you to empty legs at private jet airports throughout Atlanta via Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International (KATL, ATL), Fulton County Airport (KFTY, FTY), Dekalb-Peachtree (KPDK, PDK), Atlanta Regional (KFFC, FFC), Cobb County International (KRYY, RYY), and more, including Gwinnett County (LZU), Cartersville (VPC), and Clayton County (HMP).

Are you a flexible traveler? Having open dates & times for your trip results in more options when searching for empty leg deals. Flights are booked to/from Georgia by the hour, so new deals come and go every day. In the event we’re unable to offer a transient plane for your flight, we still offer top of the line air charters with the most competitive rates in the industry.

Request an Empty Leg Quote in Georgia

Get an amazing deal on a deadhead jet to/from Atlanta anytime, anywhere. Our brokers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offering free quotes with no commitments. Contact us for more information and availability on empty legs to/from Atlanta, GA!