Private Jet Airports in Atlanta

Georgia Jet Charter arranges private flights in Atlanta, Georgia, one of the most popular destinations along the Atlantic for business & luxury aviation.

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Atlanta is home to Hartsfield-Jackson International, one of the world’s busiest commercial airports with more than 100 million passengers annually, and there a half dozen regional airports suitable for private jet charters.

What Airports do Private Jets Land at in Atlanta, GA?

Chartering a private flight allows you to bypass Atlanta’s commercial hub by utilizing airports focused on private aviation, including Dekalb-Peachtree Airport, the most popular choice for private flights in the Atlanta area.

Additional airports such as Fulton County, Falcon Field, and Gwinnett County offer flexibility for clients located just outside of the city.

(KATL, ATL) Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (IATA: ATL, ICAO: KATL, FAA LID: ATL) – located 7 miles S of the central business district and the busiest airport in the world from 1998 through 2020. As result, most private flights prefer using one of Atlanta’s less congested airports focused on business aviation, including Dekalb-Peachtree. The airport serves as the primary hub for several major and regional airlines, and it’s home to the Delta Air Lines corporate HQ, as well as their primary maintenance, repair and overhaul division. Atlanta International features five runways, each large enough to accommodate any size private plane or airliner. FBO services are provided by Signature Flight Support.

(KPDK, PDK) Dekalb-Peachtree Airport

DeKalb-Peachtree Airport (IATA: PDK, ICAO: KPDK, FAA LID: PDK) – located 12 miles NE of Atlanta in Chamblee, DeKalb County, Peachtree Airport is the preferred airports for private jets in the Atlanta area. It’s located just within the Perimeter and just 15 minutes from Atlanta’s major business centers, making it a convenient option for corporate and VIP flights. Three runways are available, including a 6,001 foot runway for private jets. FBO services are provided by Epps Aviation, Atlantic Aviation, and Signature Flight Support PDK.

(KFTY, FTY) Fulton County Airport

Fulton County Airport (IATA: FTY, ICAO: KFTY, FAA LID: FTY) – located 7 miles W just outside Atlanta’s city limits, it’s the closest airport to Hartsfield-Jackson International and handles the majority of the general aviation traffic that would otherwise operate at KATL. Three runways are available, however the longest runway can support midsize jets and smaller aircraft, and not larger business jets, which would need to arrive at Peachtree or Hartsfield. FBO services are offered by Hill Aircraft and Signature Flight Support FTY

(KFFC, FFC) Atlanta Regional Airport

Atlanta Regional Airport (ICAO: KFFC, FAA LID: FFC) – located 25 miles SW in Peachtree City, GA. Also known as Falcon Field, the airport features a single runway for private flights as well as refueling services and aircraft hangaring.

(KRYY, RYY) Cobb County International Airport

Cobb County International Airport (ICAO: KRYY, FAA LID: RYY) – located 21 miles NW just south of Kennesaw in Cobb County, GA. Also known as McCollum Field, the airport offers a runway long enough to accommodate nearly any type of private jet, with FBO services provided by Hawthorne Global Aviation Services.

(KLZU, LZU) Gwinnett County Airport

Gwinnett County Airport (IATA: LZU, ICAO: KLZU, FAA LID: LZU) – located about 35 miles NE in the city of Lawrenceville, GA. Also known as Briscoe Field, the airport offers a single runway suitable for super midsize and larger business jets, and FBO services are offered by Landmark Aviation. The airport is also home to several medical transportation services.

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